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HandyToKnow - Your Ultimate Handyman - PC Upgrades

"Bigger. Better. Faster.

I can upgrade your equipment"

If you simply need more speed, more memory or more power, just ask us to upgrade your new kit to how you want it.

I won't just add the components, I will also fully test and configure them to ensure everything is working before I despatch it to you.

Our upgrade service covers the installation of any additional piece of hardware or software into a pre-built PC and can include components such as:

Additional memory (RAM) (can be installed in a desktop PC or Laptop)

Hard Drive (installed in a desktop PC only or Laptop)

Graphics Card (installed in a desktop PC only)

CD-Writer/DVD=Writer (installed in a desktop PC only)

Software (can be installed on a desktop PC or Laptop)


£10 per computer unit (unlimited upgrades purchased from Handy To Know)

£15 per upgrade (if not purchased through Handy To Know)