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"Plugged in, connected up, logged on,

printing out...for only £25 (per PC)"

Have your purchased a new PC that is not from Handy To Know?

Did it all seem so easy. Just connect a few wires. Stick in a CD. Play around with a few settings and you're away.

Only it's not. Somehow you don't seem to have the right connection to the printer. The disc runs OK but you're missing the correct ‘drivers'. There's no dial tone on your Internet and you can't access your files from the network.

If this all sounds frustratingly familiar, give us a call and we'll come round to get the job done in no time. Let's face it. You haven't got the time and you don't need the stress.

What is included:

Unpacking, checking and installation of your new PC purchased
Start-up of PC and boot to the Operating System
Connection of a printer, scanner etc.
Installation of drivers and software for a printer and scanner
Set-up of an Internet account and configuration of email
Connection to a network
Test of PC and peripheral functions
A brief explanation of the computers functions and components

What is excluded:

Apple computer equipment and operating systems
Installation or configuration of software other than the operating system supplied
Network cables or other cabling requirements
Installation of servers
Connection of existing peripherals or other equipment other than a sole printer or print server
Transfer of software from the network or legacy PCs
Extensive training on the new PC, supplied software and network functionality
Removal of packaging. Installation of any upgrade
Hardware failures
Application software support
ISP connectivity problems (I will help at a minimal cost).